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Costley School welcomes our 8th graders to 2017-2018 school year.. Our school uniform is beige khaki pants/ skirt and navy blue polo shirt. First day of School is Thursday, September 7. Please report to cafeteria at 7am.
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     I grew up in what we call "TheCivil Rights Era" of the U.S.  My great hope, as a teenager, was that I could help, in some meaningful way, in the effort to make my country a land of genuine justice, equality and peace.  In college I first studied social work but eventually decided that teaching might be the most effective and personal way for me to contribute to social change and a gentler world.
    After eleven years of college teaching--of English and ELL--I became a public school teacher and discovered how "personal" the experience of teaching could be. Personal, dramatic, challenging, rewarding.  My eight years at East Orange High School and fifteen years at Costley School have been the most intense and fulfilling of my teaching life.  Middle School students re particularly inspiring to me because I have seen so many overcome burdensome obstacles to become enthusiastic students and kind friends.
     My students bring me joy,give e hope, and teach me every day that justice, equality and peace are rooted in the experience of love.

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